Danish Artists' Books

No so long ago the first larger books about Danish artists' books was published.
It includes some text about Fluens Forlag and a list of some of the  favorite Danish Artists' books by Stürup.

The book was edited by Thomas Hvid Kromann, Louise Hold Sidenius, 
Maria Kjær Themsen and Marianne Vierø.
It is a large size 300 pages paperback, in Danish and English.
It is a good introduction to the Danish Artists' book.
But with all books like this and especially being the first one, 
it tries to do too many things at once, 
reading in it I wish it had twice the length, to get more in debt.
If the layout had not been set as a large size retro layout 
there could have been space for a lot more information on those 300 pages.
That said it is still a great book.

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 List of some of Stürup's favorite Artists Books from his collection:

The Silent Listener's Nose. Jens Birkemose. Aarhus Kunstmuseum 1984.

Kunsthæfte. (series) Jesper Fabricius. Spacepoetry 1998- ongoing

Staple. Kristofer Hultenberg. Hultenberg. 2007.

Kompendium. (series). Åse Eg Jørgensen. Space Poetry. 2010 - ongoing

Samlingen Afd: (series). Lasse Krog Møller. Asterisk 2003 - ongoing

Chevalier. Tal R. Lubok. 2009.

Endemi. Steen Møller Rasmussen / Torben Bruun. Arme & Ben. 1989.

Balladen om Frankie Lee og Judas Præst. Kurt Trampedach. Brøndum, 1970

Hvidpapirfeber. Christian Vind. Hvidpapirfeber 2004.

UT. Mette Winckelmann. Space Poetry. 2001.

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